Rebecca Black Takes Over the Internet, Launches Friday or Die! (Video)

rebecca black friday or die
Rebecca Black Gets the Funny or Die Treatment!

For anyone hoping that Rebecca Black would be a fly-by star with her one hit Friday, it looks like you may be wrong.  The teen is continuing in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and beginning her domination of the internet with the purchase of the comedy website Funny or Die.

That’s right, the Will Ferrell comedy website is now in the hands of the teen star and has been re-branded as Friday or Die with all content related to Miss Rebecca Black.    Gone is Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes.  Adias to Lindsay Lohan’s eHarmony profile.  Goodbye to the little Landlord.    In their place you will find Rebecca Black inspired content covering her entire career (both weeks of it!) from her Betwixt the Music profile to her own personal analsyis of the Friday lyrics, it’s all Rebecca everywhere!

Just in case you’re concerned about where all your favorites have gone, they’re only on hiatus.  Happy April Fools Day from Funny or Die!

Photo: Rebecca Black Twitter