Red Carpet Style: Gwyneth Paltrow Bringing Back The Belly Look?

Gwyneth on the red carpet

Gwyneth Paltrow has been garnering a lot of positive fashion hits lately, but unfortunately her appearance on the red carpet at tonight’s Emmy Awards is a big miss.

We understand Gwyneth wanting to be daring, but trying to bring back the late 90s?  That’s just a big no.

The Primetime Emmy Award winner and part-time Glee cast member wore a see-thru Pucci ensemble that looks like it was recycled out of Madonna’s closet during her “Ray of Light” era.

The black and nude look also showed off her toned abs, which we congratulate her for, but just doesn’t seem appropriate for the red carpet nowadays with all the old-school Hollywood conventional glam we’ve been seeing.

Check out our photos of Apple and Moses’ mom and tell us, do you like her look or should she give her top back to Madonna?


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    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Proving that she's just like us actress Gwyneth Paltrow has bad body image days, too.
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    Gwyneth Paltrow
    The "Contagion" star recently took to her Goop blog to share her photos from behind the scenes at last weekend's Emmys, and just like you and I sometimes do, criticized her own self in the pics.
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    Gwyneth Paltrow
    While the rest of the world thought she looked great (even though that dress just screamed "Ray of Light" Madonna), Gwyneth thought she looked…. fat!
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    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Did you think she looked fat or is Gwyneth just exaggerating?