Red Hot in Vegas! Kim Kardashian Busts Out Baby Bump in Lace Dress (Photos)


Pregnant Kim Kardashian can’t hide that belly bump anymore! That shipped has passed. Her pregnancy is now in the forefront and you is totally front and yes, center! And of course, Kim Kardashian is on the go again. This time she is in Las Vegas at the Mirage Hotel and Casino promoting her perfume Glam, a scent that has a, “floral fruity fragrance with powdery woody and musky background.” Sounds pretty sexy, which makes sense since Kim wore a very sexy red lace dress to her event. She’s one red hot mamma! Check out more photos of Kim Kardashian and her baby bump here:

  • Kim’s Baby Bump! 1 of 7
    Kim's Baby Bump!
    Look! It's Kim's Baby Bump! It's totally popped!
  • Flawless 2 of 7
    Kim's hairless and makeup was flawless as usual.
  • The Dress 3 of 7
    The Dress
    Kim showed off her pregnancy curves in a lacy red dress.
  • Glowing 4 of 7
    Kim showed off her growing body with grace and glam!
  • Glam 5 of 7
    And speaking of glam, Kim was in Vegas to promote her perfume "Glam."
  • No more hiding 6 of 7
    No more hiding
    You can tell here, that it will be impossible for Kim to hid her belly bump ever again!
  • Mom 7 of 7
    With her hair like that and this style of dress, she kinda looks like her mom here doesn't she?