Redmond O'Neal Gets A Stern Warning From Judge


farrah-fawcett-ryan-redmond-onealRedmond O’Neal, son of the late Farrah Fawcett and slightly crazy Ryan O’Neal, isn’t working hard enough, according to Judge Michael Tynan.

O’Neal, who is in a residential treatment program after a drug related arrest in April, appeared in court on Thursday for a progress report meeting. Although O’Neal says he’s been sober for 9 months, the judge was less than pleased with his efforts.

“I thought this kid wanted to do something.  He isn’t working as hard as he can,” the judge said.

A representative from Impact, the treatment program, defended O’Neal’s limited success. “He did a massive amount of drugs for years,” said Raymond May, “and that stunted his emotional growth, and he is just coming out of that.”

Side note: he’s 24 years old now.

Redmond blamed some of his situation on grief. “I have been holding back. I have been adjusting and still dealing with the death of my mother.” He did, however, promise to do better, saying, “I’m going to do better.”

He better. The judge ordered O’Neal back to court on December 2nd and warned that “the report better be glowing, or there will be consequences.”