Redmond O'Neal Has A New Attitude


Redmond O'NealFarrah Fawcett’s son, Redmond O’Neal, is determined to change his life. After being jailed again at the beginning of this month for a probation violation, he will be leaving prison and returning to Impact, a residential treatment in Pasadena.

Redmond, who has been in jail for drug abuse, even wrote a handwritten note to to prove how determined he is.

He writes, “My plan is to go back with a new attitude and leave my old ideas behind. I am committed to doing this thing.”

His attorney confirmed the news that he will be leaving prison stating,  “Redmond will be back at Impact within the next several days. I have every hope that he will be successful while there. His residential treatment could last anywhere from 6-12 months.”

Good luck to the guy!