Reel Steel: We Talk to Hugh Jackman About Parenting, His Kids & and the Moment He is Not Proud Of!

Hugh Jackman

Something happens when Hugh Jackman walks into a room.  The women all immediately get a sparkle in their eyes and the men, they subtly adjust their posture, in a subliminal quest to match him in stature.  One thing for sure, Hugh Jackman certainly owns whatever room when he enters. And this was something I witnessed first hand when participating in an interview with the Australian actor and dad of two for his new film, the family action movie Real Steel.

And you know what happens when you get a man like Hugh Jackman in front of a group of (mostly) moms? You don’t end up talking about his awesome abs, you don’t talk about his famous friends, you don’t talk about the movie making process…you end up talking about kids, parenting and in this case Real Steal.

One thing that came up while talking to Hugh Jackman, he certainly knows how to incorporate work and home life with his eleven year old boy and six year old daughter.

“When I read the script, I’m not proud of this moment.  But I had the script for three days.  And I was busy.  You know, what it’s like. I was busy and then my agent rang and said, “Shawn’s (Levy the director) is actually flying into New York for another thing and wants to meet with you in the morning for breakfast to discuss the script.

And I was like, “No problem.” And it was like ‘uh oh’. And I was just about to read to my son.  I had just read to my daughter.  And he was waiting to read Tin-Tin.  He loves Tin-Tin.  So, he goes, “Dad, can we read Tin-Tin?”  And I said, “Oh, how about we read this story. It’s called “Real Steel” and is about robots.  And he was like, “Really?”  A script – he’s not interested in my job at all. So I said, “Well I’ll read a few pages.”  And he goes, “Alright.”  So my son always draws while I read.

So I’m reading.  I’m getting into the script and (thinking Oscar is getting bored)  he looked up.  He’s like, “Go on, go on, go on, go on.” Like he was so into it.  And then he made me read the script to him every night for like ten night — at least ten nights in a row.  And he goes, “You keep reading more.  Read more.  And then can we get back to the beginning.”  He loved this script.”

The kids, they definitely gave him their seal of approval, and Hugh Jackman felt comfortable sharing this movie with his kids

Hugh Jackman

“He (son Oscar) sat next to me in the film.  And it’s the first time I’ve ever taken my kids to a film, right ’cause none of my films have really been applicable I thought for them.

So he was there (and the screening) and my daughter who’s only six.  I just knew she would love it.  My daughter — I’m giving you background here.  But my daughter since she was two – if we drive-  if you played soft rock, she’s be like, “Uhhhh,”.  But the moment you put on heavy metal she was (Jackman does his best metal head impersonation) like literally like this. So I thought, “She’s gonna love this movie.”  I knew it. They loved it.  And I saw the movie with my mother-in-law who’s 75 and my wife and my two kids. All of them were cheering and they were like crying and they just — they just loved it. It was a really great moment for me, you know, to genuinely have all those three generations loving it.”

But there was a bit of cause for pause from son Oscar.

“There was one funny moment. One funny moment when Evangeline Lily and I kiss in the movie. And I saw my wife sitting here. So my wife’s here (gestures to his left) and my son is here ((gestures to his right).  And my wife looked past me.  I mean she’s an actress too.  She’s used to it.  And so she looked past me to look at Oscar.  And Oscar goes (in a whisper), “You’re gonna be in trouble.” And I lost it. It was really funny.”

Hugh Jackman

Find out more about Real Steel right here! And check back next week for more of our interview with Hugh Jackman!

Photos: Louise Manning Bishop