Reese Witherspoon: “I’ve Lost My Mind” After Giving Birth To Tennessee


reese1Reese Witherspoon is on the cover of this month’s Redbook magazine, where inside she opens up about her career, life, and how she tries to stay sane while raising three children in her family (a goal all us mothers have, now don’t we?). The actress admits that at times things can get pretty hectic and says that after she gave birth to her son Tennessee last year, she’s basically “lost her mind” trying to keep up with everyone. Here’s a tidbit from the interview:

Ever since I had thebaby, I can’t remember anything. Serious, this child stole my brain. I’m losing friendships over forgetting to get back to people. But you can’t keep up with everything. I’ve got a 13-year-old, a nine-year-old and a baby. It’s like CNN ticker tape running through my mind at all times [puts on robotic voice]: ‘Where is Ava? She’s okay. Good. Where is Deacon? He’s okay. Good. Where is Tennessee? Is he okay? Yes. Great. Back to Ava…’ It doesn’t stop.”

I think most of us out there can relate, right? Especially if you have children who are at different stages in their life, it can get tough! But with all the help that Reese gets, plus her husband Jim Toth being around, I’m sure she somehow manages to make sure everyone is safe and sound by the end of the day.

Also, is it just me, or did Redbook REALLY have to go there with the cover shot? LOL. Talk about a coincidence (and I know you know what I’m talking about). I’m sure the magazine went to the printers way before last weekend’s incident, too.

Photo via Redbook

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