Reese Witherspoon Pregnant! This Bump Watch Could Be the Real Thing

Is Reese Witherspoon Pregnant?


When Reese Witherspoon got married, even months before she got married, there have been rumors that Reese Witherspoon was with child, knocked up, preggers, expecting…yes the rabbit – it was rumored – had died. But with each “bump watch” there was the backtracking. But this time? This time looks different…

On Wednesday – while filming a new Mastercard commerical – the actress, newlywed and mom of two was spotted sporting not just her trademark smile, her golden hair but a bulging belly. Sure, it could have been that she had a big lunch, has taken a personal strict from going to the gym or is putting on the pounds for a role, but it really looks like it isn’t just some form of a beer belly but more like a baby belly.

So now it is the waiting. Will her people make some sort of an announcement or will she pull a Katie Holmes, hit the gym and come back a month from now wearing something skin tight to show off toned abs? Our bet? She’s totally pregnant.