Reese Witherspoon "Takes Responsibility For Divorce" With Ryan Phillipe


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Reese Witherspoon Takes Responsibility In Divorce From Ryan Phillipe

Reese Witherspoon is finally coming clean about her divorce from former husband Ryan Phillipe and claims that she is partly to blame.

The actress who will star in the upcoming How Do You Know, admits that both parties in the relationship need to take responsibility if something goes awry.

”I always say that it’s very important not to blame one person,” she said. “You have to own whatever part of it you’re responsible for.”

The Oscar winner continued: “It takes a lot of soul-searching. It’s important to go through that, because hopefully you won’t repeat yourself.”

Witherspoon who is now dating Jim Toth, is confident that she will learn from her mistakes and apply them to future relationships.

She noted: “I’m a very, very optimistic person, and I feel very lucky to have the chance to try again, you know?”

Indeed. Good for you. While I desperately hope for the day that Witherspoon and Phillipe reunite, I am happy to hear she is optimistic about life.

Are you rooting for a reunion between to the two former lovers?