Regis And Kelly Halloween 2010: Watch Regis And Kelly Spoof Elmo And Katy Perry (Video)

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Regis and Kelly Halloween 2010 Full Of Costume Changes

Regis and Kelly definitely pulled out all the stops for Halloween 2010! Regis and Kelly were the king and queen of costume changes today, making their Halloween 2010 show the best one yet as far as Halloween shows go. You can watch a video clip of Regis and Kelly dressed as Elmo and Katy Perry below.

Regis and Kelly dressed up first as Snooki and The Situation from Jersey Shore, and then went on to take on the Steven Slater Jet Blue flight attendant incident.

Also during the show, they took a stab at trying to “Keep Up With The Kardashians”, with Regis playing Bruce Jenner and Kelly taking on the roles of all three Kardashian sisters!

Regis and Kelly also did skits around “Modern Family”, “Glee”, and even the American Idol judges!

By far one of the funniest moments of the Regis and Kelly Halloween 2010 special was when Kelly dressed up as Katy Perry and Regis donned an Elmo costume, to make light of the whole Katy Perry Sesame Street scandal. I have to say, Kelly definitely resembles Katy Perry in this video clip, though she looks a lot less scandalous than Perry, if you catch my drift.

Watch this clip of Regis and Kelly as Katy Perry and Elmo for Halloween 2010!


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