Regis And Kelly: Will You Watch Live With Regis And Kelly Without Regis Philbin?

regis and kelly
Will You Watch Regis and Kelly after Regis Philbin Leaves?

Regis and Kelly delivered a big surprise on their show today when Regis Philbin announced that he plans on retiring from Live With Regis and Kelly after this year. When Kelly Ripa heard the news her reaction was, “You’re what?” Regis supposedly broke the news to her about 15 minutes before the show went on the air.

Regis Philbin is 79 years old, and has been co-hosing Live With Regis and Kelly, formerly Live With Regis and Kathie Lee, for 28 years. The show has proven that it can survive and go on with a new female co-host, but can it survive without Regis Philbin? After all, he is the first name listed in the show’s title!

Of his retirement, Philbin said, “There is a time that everything must come to an end for certain people on camera, especially certain old people.”

Will you still watch the show without Regis Philbin?

Photo: Pacific Coast News