Remembering Ari Up, Stepdaughter of Johnny Rotten: Five Things About Her

Ari Up
Ari Up passed away yesterday at age 48

Ari Up was perhaps best known as the stepdaughter of Johnny Rotten, aka the Sex Pistols’ John Lydon. But she was also a celebrated musician in her own right, the frontwoman of the British post-punk band The Slits, a group she formed when she was only 14 years old. Ari died yesterday at age 48 following a long illness, according to a note posted on Lydon’s web site.

Here are five things about the pioneering singer:

1. Her nickname was Medusa take a look at that hair and you can see why!

2. Her real name was Ariane Forster.

3. She appeared in The Clash’s movie “Rude Boy” and in “The Punk Rock Movie.”

4. She was married with twin children, and she and her family lived in Indonesia, Belize and Jamaica.

5. She released one solo album, “Dread More Dan Dead.”



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