Remembering Bob Cook: Member of the "Never Miss A Super Bowl" Club


Photo: The Washington Post
If you don’t recognize the name Bob Cook, you will after I tell you more about him. Bob Cook passed away on Thursday at the age of 79 years old.

Cook was a member of the now famous “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club”, which credit card giant Visa introduced to the world in a Super Bowl ad.

Described by his wife as a “die hard Green Bay Packers fan”, Cook and three other members have attended every Super Bowl in history. Cook, a Packers season-ticket holder for more than 40 years, joined the group about nine years ago. His streak of Super Bowls was well-known among friends.

The “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club” started out with five members and now only has three. On Sunday, the remaining club members recalled Cook as they were saddened by his death and for losing a close friend. “It’s a sad day for the never miss club,” said Don Crisman, a retired sales and marketing executive from Maine. The group never bet on games, another member of the club said. They spoke sparingly during the games, though sometimes they helped each other recall details from years past.

Cook died Thursday after being hospitalized with a blood infection. That did not stop him from watching the Packers triumph on TV…the first live Super Bowl he has ever missed, even though he did predict a guaranteed a Packers appearance in Texas for this year’s Super Bowl.

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