Remembering Chicago Cubs Legend and Father Ron Santo (Video)


remembering ron santoChicago Cubs fans are mourning the loss of beloved baseball legend Ron Santo who passed away this morning at the age of 70.   A true hometown her, Ron Santo lived the ultimate baseball dream playing for the Chicago teams for fourteen years (thirteen for the Cubs, his final season for the White Sox).   He later became the voice of the Cubs as the WGN color commentator for the team. 

Remembering the Chicago Cubs Legend Ron Santo.  Listen to his color commentary…

Off the field Ron Santo was a dedicated father and advocate for Juvenile Diabetes Research.  Throughout most of his playing career Ron Santo kept the fact that his suffered from diabetes a secret from the team and fans.  He believed that if the medical condition became known, he would have been forced to retire from baseball.   His Type 1 diabetes ultimately resulted in both his legs being amputated in 2001 and 2002.

He is survived by two sons, Jeff and Ron Jr., and two daughters, Linda and Kelly. 

Photo: Wikipedia