Remembering Harold Dow: Other Celebrity Parents With Asthma


harold dowCBS News correspondent Harold Dow, 62, passed away over the weekend. At first it wasn’t immediately apparent what Harold Dow’s cause of death was, but now it’s come out that it was probably an asthma attack, which made my blood run cold.

My son, like millions of others, suffers from asthma, and I can remember every one of his attacks vividly. There is nothing scarier than watching someone you love gasp for breath.

Many children outgrow their asthma as they get older, but some do not. Here are other celebrity parents who also suffer from asthma.

— The late actor Christopher Reeve suffered from childhood asthma

— Bill Clinton has asthma and bad seasonal allergies

— Rocker Alice Cooper detailed his battle with asthma in his autobiography

— Mother of two Sharon Stone has asthma

Dow was an accomplished journalist who had appeared on “48 Hours” since it debuted in 1990. He and his wife had three children.

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