Remembering Marvin Sease: What Happened to the Blues Legend? (SONGS)


Marvin SeaseThe blues community lost an important member this week. At the age of 64, just 8 days shy of his birthday, the blues legend Marvin Sease died.

Marvin Sease started his career singing gospel, and he always thought of himself as a gospel singer singing in groups in his teens and joining the Gospel Crowns as an adult. He then started his own R & B band with his brothers aptly named Sease. After a couple of years he struck out on his own and had hits such as “Ghetto Man,” he began working what is called the  “chitlin circuit,” in the South. He had another hit with his racy song Candy Licker, that was a big on juke boxes and in clubs but couldn’t be played over the air due to the explicit content.

He passed away on February 8th. Although there is no official cause of death issued as of yet, there is speculation that he died from complications from pneumonia.

Check out a couple of his songs here.

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