Renee Zellweger: Leave Renee Zellweger Alone Already!


renee zellweger, bradley cooperRenee Zellweger was solo at the wedding of her friend Reese Witherspoon this weekend and the media is making a huge deal of Renee’s new single status!  I think people need to leave Renee Renee Zellweger alone!

I think I’ve read 10 articles that mention the fact that “poor” Renee is now alone.  PLEASE!  The woman is a world famous actress who is worth millions and looks 25!  Seriously, I don’t think we should worry about her break-up with Bradley Cooper because I think she’ll be just fine!

Renee was at Reese Witherspoon’s wedding Saturday to Jim Toth.  The groom is also a friend because he is a VIP at CAA, the talent agency that reps both Reese and Renee.

Perez Hilton, the Queen of Celeb Gossip reports that Renee and Bradley Cooper broke up due to career issues.

“Brad’s first love is/was his acting and he made his projects the priority in his life, not Renee. Sources reveal that in the beginning, she was pretty okay with that arrangement.”

As for future plans for Renée Zellweger, the actress moved to New York from Los Angeles to be with her Bradley Cooper but reports that Zellweger is NOT planning to return LaLa Land. According to

“She moved there because of Bradley. She was helping him through his family drama. But now they are broken up and I think she’s still going to be out there. It’s easier to live anonymously in New York than LA. The paparazzi hound her in LA and right now she’s just trying to stay out of the spotlight.”

Do you feel bad for Renee?