Rescue Soon For Trapped Chilean Miners

chilean miners
Today marks 1st day we can hope to see some of the Chilean miners rescued

Today marks the 69th day that the 33 Chilean miners have been trapped 2300 feet down in a mine. It is also the day that the 1st rescue will take place, with the remainder to be lifted out over the next 2 days, according to the LATimes.

Rescue officials are ready to move on the operation sometime between 6pm and midnight. The evacuated miners will spend approximately 2 hours of medical care at an onsite clinic that has been fashioned for them before being transported to a Copiapo hospital for observation.

It also seems that the local officials are leaving nothing to chance. The Chilean Mining Minister has also said that in case the skies are too cloudy for a helicopter evacuation, the 40 mile road leading from the hospital to the mine would close at 8pm.

While the order of miners to be evacuated hasn’t been revealed, it has been said that the last person to leave the mine will be one of the rescuers, and not a miner. Previously it had been reported that the miners were lobbying over which of them would be the last to leave the mine!

Our thoughts are with everyone involved for a safe and speedy rescue!