Rescued! 5 Ways The Chilean Miners Lives Will Change Forever


Chilean Miner

After 69 long days underground, the 33 Chilean miners trapped in a San José mine are being brought home to their lives above ground one by one. As each miner is brought up they are met with cheers, applause and their very grateful families. But the story doesn’t end there, the men will be returning to a very different existence.  Here are 5 ways that that their lives will never be the same.

1)   Like an Oscar winner or someone who has been elected to any kind of office, these men will no longer be just Florencio Avalos or Mario Sepulveda but their name will always be accompanied with, “one of the trapped Chilean Miners” Any time they are introduced to someone new, apply for job, or even go to the store, there will be whispers of who they ‘really’ are.

2)    They may be miners no more. These international celebrities will no doubt have plenty of opportunities coming their way beyond toiling their days away in the underworld mines. They may be given ‘inspirational’ jobs in a more corporate environment.

3)    It is always hard for someone to come from obscurity to celebrity seemingly overnight.  There will be social challenges and it may be hard for some of the miners and their families to adjust to their new found stardom.

4)    One pundit pointed out that as these men emerge from their underground existence, they are being reborn and will be “emerge as different people.” And how will these “reborn” men mesh with their old lives, families and relationships.

5)    There will be books, movies, TV specials, magazine interviews,  as well as a variety of endorsement deals making their 15 minutes last much much longer.

Do you think any of the miners will return, or try to return, to their old lives?