Restore Stephen Baldwin - A Bailout For Him & His Family? (VIDEO)


Stephen Baldwin needs saving. Not his soul. Being a born again Christian, that’s been taken care of. No, it’s his finances that need saving. And the site Restorestephenbaldwin.Org is an attempt to do just that.

According to the site… he’s broke due in part, “because of his convictions, it began to cost him the loss of several jobs and, most recently, a highly-publicized bankruptcy.” The site also claims, “he deserves hundreds of millions for his Job-like faithfulness in the face of relentless loss and persecution.” They add, “People not only mock Stephen, but mock God as well.”

The site was put up with permission from Baldwin’s ministry president so that Baldwin could be”publicly restored in front of millions.”

Check out the video clip below. It makes you wonder if this is just a high-concept prank or is it just unintentionally amusing. The voice of god voiceover, the dramatic music, the halo like aura around his head…it’s all pretty over the top.

But if Baldwin is behind this in some way, and will reap the benefits, what kind of lesson is Stephen Baldwin giving to his two girls? The father of 7-year-oldAlaia and 4-year-old Hailey Rhode isn’t relying on work these days, that would mean he would be relying on something more akin to ‘cyber-begging’.  He should just ask for a loan from his older/richer brother Alec!

Do you think it’s okay to ‘cyber beg’ to support your family?

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