RHOBH: The Reason Why Kim Richards May Not Return to the Real Housewives


Kim Richards

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be down not one housewife (Camille Grammer) but maybe down two! There is new speculation that Kim Richards – the ex-child star of Escape to Witch Mountain – may also being saying bye-bye to her time as a reality TV star. And the bearer of the somewhat vague news? Her sister Kyle RichardsOn Ellen, which airs on Wednesday, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – minus Kim Richards – pay Ellen DeGeneres a visit.

Ellen asks Kyle if her sister would be returning to the show. Her reply? “I don’t know yet.” But why? If speculation about Kim’s welfare is correct, then Kim really shouldn’t return. The reason? She is may or may not be seeking help for a alcohol problem she may or may not have. Yup, the Real Housewives are being vague about this one. Also the confrontations with her sister being viewed by millions would take a toll on anyone and throw in one volatile limo ride and you’ve got one very disturbing reality TV ride. One that many probably wouldn’t wouldn’t want to take again.

Do you think she’ll be back?