RHONJ: 5 Things about New Cast Member Melissa Gorga and Her Photo


Melissa Gorga is walking into a firestorm as the reported new cast member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Gorga, who is married to Teresa Giudice’s brother, is not exactly being welcomed with open arms by her sister-in-law. As noted, Teresa has said she doesn’t want Melissa to join the cast and is threatening to leave the show. So who is Melissa Gorga?

1. She’s rich. Waaayyyy richer than Teresa Giudice. (Well, really anyone who doesn’t owe $11 millions is.) She reportedly lives in a $4 million mansion. She and her husband, Teresa’s brother, Guiseppe, sold a home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, in 2006 for nearly $2.5 million. Their current home is 13,500 square feet, “fit for royalty” 16-room European-styled mansion, which features an Italian marble foyer and dual marble stairways, an enormous kitchen, custom fireplaces and domed ceilings.

2. According to Chicago Now, Melissa has been angling for the RHONJ gig since its inception — but Teresa blocked her efforts.

3. Sources say Melissa was Giuseppe’s secretary before she became his wife. From what I could piece together, looks like they have at least two kids: a son born in April and a daughter.

4. Per her Facebook page, she has over 450 friends and is a fan of RHONJ (good thing since she’ll be on it!), Entourage, all things reality tv and Neiman Marcus.

5. Based on her profile photo above, it sort of looks like she might share the same plastic surgeon as Teresa Giudice if you know what I mean.

Photo: Facebook