RHONJ Continues to be Crazy: Danielle Staub Wants Ashley Holmes Dead?


The feud between Danielle Staub and Ashley Holmes just keeps on spiraling downward.

Crushable was told by Life & Style that on July 30 a 21-year-old model named Edwin Orocho, known on Twitter as @PriinceEdwiin tweeted at Danielle: “ItsMyBDAYToday AndIWant @_ashleyholmes 2 kill herself & videotape so I can sit back, relax, & share the popcorn w/ @DanielleStaub.”

Scary, huh? But what’s even more frightening is Danielle’s response.

Instead of deleting the comment she replied a few minutes later with:

Maybe she didn’t actually read the entire Tweet and just saw the word “birthday”? Seems unlikely.

Danielle shouldn’t be encouraging this type of talk on the Internet (or off). She is egging on fans, i.e. faceless people she does not know and whom may take matters into their own hands and actually harm Ashley. It’s irresponsible and dangerous. It’s also pretty much par for the course.