RHONJ: Could Kim Granatell Replace Danielle Staub? (VIDEO)


Now that Danielle Staub has been booted from The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Dina Manzo left earlier in the season, Bravo is down to three ladies: Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita, and Teresa Giudice. And while each of these ladies has their charms, they aren’t enough to create an interesting show.

If the Garden State Housewives is going to continue for another season, which it likely will due to high ratings, they are going to have to cast more people. One can only watch so much of Caroline playing the mother figure, Jacqueline trying to control her daughter Ashley, and Teresa going on shopping sprees at (we presume in light of recent news) the Dollar Store.

What the show will need is a villain. Who better than Kim G? She can be evil, crazy, and is currently priding herself on being devious. She’s even got herself a manager, Tom from, and has been making weird YouTube videos (see below) to provoke Danielle and simultaneously make herself seem less boring.

I met Kim last week when she crashed Danielle’s Bday party at Scores. She could not talk though, stating that she is under contract with Bravo not to give interviews, an odd fact considering the cast members are all given full clearance to talk to press. Crashing Danielle’s party was a clear push to get people buzzing, a move that could position her in the lead if Bravo is thinking of casting her for next season.

Kim has come into her own this season and proved via her showdown with Danielle she can play the bad guy just as well as the next crazy b#tch. What do you think? Would you like to see Kim as a permanent member of the cast? What about Elvira Grau (what ever happened to her)? Or do you hope Bravo brings in someone completely new?