RHONJ Kim G Bringing Her Cheque Book To Teresa's Estate Sale!


Kin GranatellWho needs friends when you have frenemies? Kim Granatell, who seems to be angling for a full time role on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, has some big plans for actual cast member Teresa Giudice’s belongings once they hit the auction block!

Kim plans on bringing her checkbook to the auction and . “I’m going to buy everything and re-sell it on eBay,” She said she also plans to donate everything to the Emmanuel Cancer charity.

Kim also stated that she doesn’t think that Teresa deserves an estate sale and that “Her things should be for sale on a folding table on Mulberry Street.” Ouch!

According to her twitter, Kim has also been taking some shots at the Giudice’s current financial situation. Amid tweets bragging about her travels and her “$80,000 Chinchilla jacket” she also tweeted that “I know my railings are staying in my house and no one is taking them away…MINE are paid 4.. Scamming eventually catches up to u!!!”

Looks like someone is turning up the drama!

The estate auction has been postponed until October 3rd, but from the sounds of it Kim plans on being there and causing as much drama as possible! Hopefully the cameras will be there as well to capture it all!

Source:, Twitter