RHONJ Reunion: Is Melissa Gorga the Mother of Teresa Giudice's Mystery Nephew?


Now that the sparks have started to die down from this week’s turbulent Real Housewives of New Jerseyreunion show, we’re starting to get a look at what the show may look like post-Danielle Staub.  It certainly looks like it won’t be the carefree show that the remaining housewives have been hoping for with news of a new addition to the cast making the rounds today.

The housewife in question is Melissa Gorga who just so happens to be married to Teresa Giudice’s brother Giuseppe.  Hmmmm…. her brother…. could it be that they are the parents of the mystery nephew that sent of fireworks within minutes of the start of the reunion show?

Despite rumors swirling that Teresa’s husband Joe may have fathered a lovechild, it is looking more likely that the child in question is in fact the offspring of Giuseppe and Melissa Gorga.  The couple are parents to three children – 2 boys and a girl – and their newest addition was born back in April. 

So why the over-the-top reaction from Teresa?  It appears that Teresa and Melissa are not each others biggest fans.    Melissa has apparently been trying to get cast on the show since the second season and Teresa has blocked her attempts every season.   Teresa reportedly wouldn’t even let Melissa’s daughter be filmed in the limo during Gia’s birthday episode! 

It sounds like there’s still room for plenty of drama ahead for the first ladies of Jersey.  Unfortunately Melissa-drama doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as Danielle-drama.

Do you think Melissa is the mom of the Mystery nephew or is there a hidden Giudice family member out there?