RHONJ Star Housewife Teresa Giudice Speaks Out on Bankruptcy


Just a few days after the New York Post broke the news that Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe Giudice had filed for bankruptcy, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is coming clean about her financial woes. Well, sort of.

She has admitted to the bankruptcy filing, breaking Dina Manzo’s theory of a rogue hater filing bankruptcy in her name. But if you are looking for a frank discussion of her ridiculous spending habits,  well, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of insight going on here. At no point does she say—’hey, maybe I could live in a house that wasn’t covered in white marble, or instead of waving around stacks of cash I should have thrown a few of them into the bank.’ Nope. Instead, she simply blames the economy.

“What is true is that due to the economy, most of my husband’s real estate ventures failed despite his hard work and effort. As a result, we looked to the Bankruptcy Court for a ‘fresh start.'”

So, no talk of spa birthday parties or boob jobs or ringing up $2,000 in clothes in less than 10 minutes. Still, her admission is admirable in the sense that while Giudice is a rather extreme example of runaway spending, she is hardly the only person out there these days whose debts exceed her income. And her upbeat candor about the experience is helpful to other people out there who are sitting under a mountain of bad credit and feeling overwhelmed.

“When people fall, the way to success is to get up and learn from our mistakes,” Giudice told People. “We are in that process.”

Of course, in my own way, I fear that I have contributed to Giudices’ problems, in the sense that I sit at home rooting for her to keep on spending. White marble? Don’t they make pink marble? Couldn’t you rip it all out and start over? Doesn’t Audriana need a fur stole? Couldn’t Gabriella’s leopard hair bows be diamond encrusted?

Sigh. Here’s to hoping the Giudices right their financial woes, and fast.