RHONJ: Team Teresa Giudice or Team Danielle Staub (POLL)


By now you have probably seen the preview clip from the Real Housewives of New Jersey in which Teresa Giudice attempts to attack Danielle Staub and has to be held back by Andy Cohen (Who I am pretty sure is loving every second of the showdown).

Danielle, as resident villain is plenty hated by cast mates and hate-loved by viewers. There’s plenty to dislike. She’s got a criminal record, has been a prostitute, is completely comfortable being around armed mafia types, and has spewed some pretty harsh words towards the other ladies of the Garden State. She may deserve a good smack, but doesn’t Teresa as well?

The reunion is the umpteenth time we’ve seen Teresa flip out, from table flipping to instigating a fight by waiting for Danielle to walk by during the Posche fashion show. And aside from her aggressive nature, she’s no angel. She has over-the-top spending habits and has made some questionable parenting moves when it comes to her kids clothing and make-up.

When you think about it-these two were made to be the best of friends. Maybe without the harsh lights of the camera they could have joined forces in their own real life mini mafia. Both of their daughters are models, after all.

But alas, it was not so. Who do you think is right or wrong in the feud between them? Are you Team Teresa or Team Danielle. Take the poll.

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