RHONJs Danielle Staub Performs "Real Close" and Its So Bad (Video)


Danielle Staub WPIX11 Real CloseWatch Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub perform “Real Close” in this WPIX11 Morning News video clip.

This is beyond bad worse than you could ever imagine a dance remix of her craptacular song would be.

If you’re looking for a giggle, this could be it. It’s amazingly cringe-worthy, but oh-so-hilarious.

Where do I begin with this trainwreck? Well, Danielle Staub looks ridiculous, her backup dancers are laughable, and her partner on the song, Lori Michaels, is almost as awful as Danielle.

Where’s a giant cane to drag them off stage when you need it? Danielle Staub’s performance of “Real Close” on WPIX makes it look like a cheesy Jersey nightclub in there.

Danielle also talked about the showdown between her and Caroline Manzo Danielle said Caroline resorts to name calling, but then tries to throw an insult by pointing out that Caroline is the same age as her and I suppose she’s saying that Caroline is bitter because Danielle looks… um… stretched and tweaked?

Danielle also talks about whether a spin-off is in the works, and changes the topic to the reunion, which she says viewers will be shocked about, “somebody’s gonna be shamed,” and there will be “shockers that will leave you wanting more.”

What did you think of Danielle Staub’s performance of “Real Close?” Do you think she’s hinting at a spin-off?