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RHONY Kelly Bensimon Continues to Bash Bravo Via Twitter

By Lulu and Moxleys Mom |

Real Housewives of New York City star Kelly Bensimon insists she was forced to go on the now-infamous St. John trip against her will, and despite Bravo execs basically calling her a liar, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it. This morning via Twitter she wrote:

BRAVO told me i had to go for it was a very expensive trip. no drama, no ratings, no show, no money.

At the risk of Kelly haters — and there are a lot of them — coming through my computer to strangle me, could she have a point?

Did Bravo’s Andy Cohen show up at her house with handcuffs and force her onto a plane against her will? Of course not. But she does have a contract with the network, and perhaps a suggestion such as, “We need you to go or you might possibly not be asked back next season” could be construed as having no choice. Now, Kelly isn’t articulate enough to tell us what she means by “against her will” so I’m just guessing. Imagine if your boss said to you, “Listen, you, if you don’t go on this business trip you might not survive the next round of lay-offs” wouldn’t you feel you had to go?

Also, Bravo TV isn’t above making people — EVEN CHILDREN — look bad for ratings.  Remember the incident when they aired Ramona’s daughter Avery using a derogatory term for lesbians? She was 13 years old at the time and the network aired it, raising alarm bells at her uppity all-girls private school. Avery’s headmaster spoke with her about it and a source told the New York Post: “They were so shocked at how much publicity the show got that they wanted to make sure Avery could handle the spotlight.”

So, if Bravo will exploit a child, why not an adult with obvious mental issues?

Of course, this could all be part of Kelly’s vivid imagination (schizophrenia?) like her believing Bethenny wanted to kill her. I’m just saying, her being coerced to go is not out of the realm of possibility.  Regardless, I think we can assume Kelly won’t be back next season.

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0 thoughts on “RHONY Kelly Bensimon Continues to Bash Bravo Via Twitter

  1. bloganalysis says:

    Real housewives, real personality disorders? Judge for yourself.

  2. Stella78 says:

    Kelly doesn’t need the BRAVO paycheck that bad, does she? LuAnn and Jill both decided not to go, and they never once said BRAVO tried to force them to go.

    I think KElly just went so she could start her fake bullying campaign. She is such a sad, sad woman. I hope she leaves the show.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Has anyone made a real effort to see if Kelly may have a drug problem? What’s up with that rapid pressured speech and cravings for sweets?

  4. Rachel says:

    I believe she possibly had a drug problem, back in 1979… free to be you and me, isn’t that what she has been preaching all season? celebrate eachother? She needs help, I hope she gets it.

  5. Angie says:

    I am soooo sick of Kelly. I think Bravo needs to stop this madness, or I will have to stop watching. Get rid of Kelly…it’s painful television, and it makes Bravo look bad!

  6. lil says:

    I think that Kelly is a complete liar and really does not deserve to be on the show How do you attack Bethanny when you know that she is expecting a baby and when you know that her father just passed away. People deal with grief is many different ways. I believe that just because you want to get away from everything does not make you a bad person or in Kelly’s words very strange. She is the strange one and really needs a lot of mental help

  7. Bob Loblaw says:

    Funny….Jill and Luann weren’t “forced” to go on the trip.

  8. Here’s my thinking on why they didn’t force Jill: they’d much rather have her show up unexpectedly for additional drama. Which, of course, she did. And if I recall, Luann couldn’t go because of something with her daughter. Besides, what fun would she have added anyway? Other than serenading the Hooters boat with Love Can’t Buy You Class. Again, I’m not sticking up for Kelly, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she was coaxed into going. Or, heck, maybe she’s just a lunatic and made the whole thing up. Who wouldn’t want a free trip to St. John?

  9. june berke says:

    I think Kelly and Jill both should leave the show. I believe there will be drama between a group of women who are working at being friends.However Jill and Kelly work at being utterly phony in their actions. They are not team players and I believe all the drama they create is very calculating on their part and it is done to perhaps try and make them stand out above the other housewives they have become the standoffs in stead!! Unfortunate for Bravo!!!

  10. doesn't excuse it says:

    Even if the threat was….do it or you won’t be back next season…..then SHE SHOULDN’T BE ON THE SHOW TO BEGIN WITH! That’s what she signed up for…..that’s why she’s getting be the insufferable, nonsensical middle aged wreck she is….she cannot complain that she signed on and they are not making it all about promoting a nothing like HER or perpetuating her lies about herself. It’s Kelly’s narcissism that’s getting the better of her, then when she predictably humiliates herself, she blames everyone else!

  11. les-nesman says:

    I guess Bravo’s bullying her too, eh? Then why doesn’t she leave the show and go to someplace bully-free?

  12. Melissa says:

    Nope, the housewives themselves in interviews have said they are not required to go or do anything they don’t want to. They don’t have to film with anyone they don’t want to. Kelly is just vile, dumb as rocks, spoiled rotten and inarticulate as all get-out.

    She, Jill and LuAnn are completely phony and I will not watch next season if Jill or Kelly come back. I fastforward through boring and ridiculous LuMann, but will not watch Jill or Kelly anymore.

  13. Melissa says:

    Kelly was Jill’s puppet but wasn’t up for the task.

    Jill and LuMann had their plan of action to discret and ruin Bethenny. Jill and LuMann made the “statement” by not going to the island, but filled Kelly’s head full of baloney that Kelly needed to go police them and fill them in on gawwwsip. The plan backfired as we saw.

  14. Lilith Fair says:

    If Bravo was going to force anyone to go on that trip it would have been Jill so we could see a Jill/Bethenny confontation. I don’t believe anything the nutzo liar Kelly says. She lies a lot. She wasn’t bullied, Bethenny has not tried to kill her, the gift bags weren’t some sort of evil gesture, Alex isn’t channeling the devil and NO she was not forced to go on the trip.

  15. AndreaD says:

    Krazy Kelly is delusional! She can’t remember what she says minute by minute, and her analogies make her sound stupid.
    When Sonja said her bedroom on the Olga smelled like cat pee, google it, that’s meth. Perhaps that’s why she was constantly eating gummie bears and other none sugar, none preservative filled, carnuba wax stuffed candies. But says she doesn’t eat anything with preservatives let alone sugar.
    Say, has social services been by to check her kids out? If she lived in an inner city somewhere, her kids may well be in foster care already.
    At the very least she has a personality disorder, at worse perhaps schizophrenic. Whatever it is, she’s a liar

  16. chris says:

    After watching Kelly’s performance tonight on reunion part 3, I think two things are in order. First, I think Bravo owes it to viewers to make available video of the action at the house at St. John’s. Kelly has made unbelievable and pretty extreme accusations about the behavior of the other four housewives toward her, and they are virtually unable to respond with anything but “it was a million times worse,” and the unified front they present in the reunion taping. I believe them, but if Kelly wants to hang them and Bravo out there then I say let us all see the real unedited events. That takes Bravo off the hook altogether, and gives the other four women the fair airing they deserve!
    Second, Bravo needs to get an ethical backbone (and brain) and cut this woman before something really horrible happens. Whether she’s crazy or crazy like a fox, Kelly Killoren Benismon is a noxious and potentially devastating liability to these women, and certainly to Bravo.
    This seems like a no brainer to me, and I would certainly think the lawyers for Bravo would be advising the same. No amount of money or press is worth the scary potential here.

  17. Sandi says:

    Columbia University should be embarrassed…Kelly graduated majoring in English! She makes NO sense at all!!

  18. DEBRA BECK says:

    I think Kelly is mildly retarded and Bravo is exploiting her.

  19. AnnaM says:

    She didn’t graduate fromj Columbia University. She went to their community college. All she had to be able to do is write a check.

  20. Autumn says:

    Kelly is simply crazy and self-absorbed. It’s obvious that she has lived off her looks. She is the typical “stupid blonde”. She talks out her behind, she sees how stupid she looks and tries to cover it up with lies.

  21. Mom in B'more says:

    Kelly also said she called her agent after the luncheon. Has anyone contacted her agent? Maybe her agent suggested she stay and she took it as Bravo making her stay. There are endless theories as to what could have taken place. The problem is Kelly creates truths in her head and is so contradictory about everything it’s hard to believe anything she says. In her bizarre speech about being one thing one day (like with the wearing of fur and PETA) and acting another way the next, she “systematically” bites her own foot off. It’s sad really.

    Although I believe Andy and not Kelly on being force to go, I do wish Bravo would step up to the plate and get her the help she needs (possibly even as a requirement before shooting season 4) . She’s too caught up in Kelly world to understand her creditability is at stake as well as her mental heath. Since her breakdown happened while shooting on their show, it would be nice if they took care of one of their meal tickets.

  22. fitz says:

    Please dump kelly. She’s an idiot who can’t keep track of what she’s saying or the lies she’s told. I now record the show and fast forward through her. I hate watching her and all the stress she puts out. I say to kelly, “zip it.” And I’m “up here and you’re down there.” She keeps saying she doesn’t judge people and that’s ALL she does. I think she’s either on drugs or is allergic to alcohol. Whatever, I don’t want to watch or hear her. And what is Luann and jill acting like they are on HER side???
    Please have Alex and Ramona also go on Bethany’s new show. Ramona is goofy, but she did recognize kelly’s wierdness.

  23. fitz says:

    Ohhhhhh, I bet kelly’s ex is relishing seeing this on tv. I imagine he tried to explain to people just haw bad she was, but NO ONE would believe she was such a hot mess! I’ll bet he’s so glad to be free of her. Can you imagine LIVING with that??!!!

  24. fitz says:

    EEK! Look at that cleavage.

  25. amiee41 says:

    I feel so sorry and scared for Kelly and her children. I truly believe she has some psychological problem and if it is not taken care of she may go off. Continuing on RHONY will harm her. Even if she never films with bethenny andnAlex, she will find someone else that will “attack” her. Please Bravo take her off and send her to a psychologist or psychiatrist for your sake as well as hers.

  26. Louise says:

    Kelly wrote her own pink slip, if she tweeted that!

  27. Ann says:

    I really hope Kelly leaves the show. She is soooo stupid, I can’t even listen to her. I think she has a meth problem. And she says she supports animal rights but likes to wear fur? What a psycho!!!!

  28. LORI says:

    I do truly believe that Kelly believes she was forced to go to St. John. The woman lives in a world none of us has visited and needs sooo much help. Lord help those sweet little girls of hers!

  29. BJ says:

    If it were just about ratings, they would have forced Jill and countless to go too. Kelly is a dumb ugly lunatic meth head. They need to remove her from Bravo completely.

  30. tyler says:

    I agree with all those who have said shame on bravo for not getting her help/kicking her off the show. If you go to bravos website of the housewives they basically don’t let anyone comment. I have left like five comments in the past couple months and none have been published. I went over to the website today and the only comments they are showing are from four days ago. I believe the people monitoring the comments section have seen tens of thousands of comments saying get her off the show and get her some help. Bravo subjected its audience to something the American people have never seen on television, a psychotic break down. By the way, I’m schizophrenic and kelly isn’t schizophrenia is when you hear voices. I think you could get kelly all the help in the world but it wouldn’t help her. Its like an addict being told to get help, if they don’t want it or don’t think they have a problem nothing will change. I don’t know a diagnosis for kelly other than dillusional.

  31. Lilith Fair says:

    even if she was “forced” to go (I’m forced to go on business trips that I’d rather not go on)but I don’t act nutzo when I get there. Im use to think Kelly must be using Meth or is mentally ill now I just think she’s immature and has and really, realllly, reallllly dumb.

  32. Karen G says:

    I think the producers at BRAVO have enough ammunition to send her for a psych eval…It’s not “IF” she gets dangerous…its “WHEN”

  33. H DREWES says:

    Kelly is a bully. She’s a total wacko. I love Bethenny, but I’m sure she won’t be back. LuAnn is booooring and full of herself. I adore the Ramona Coaster and Jill brings lots of great drams.

  34. Robin says:

    It is painfully obvious that Kelly has psych issues, but it is also obvious that she is not cognitivly functioning within the average range either. Bravo should get her off the show for her sake.

  35. Thia says:

    Kelly has her own take on reality. Whatever truth there is lives in Kellyworld land of unicorns rainbows and jelly beans.She is lost and is unaware that there is help available that would make her life much better! Slamming someone so unaware seems cruel.

  36. Janie says:

    Kelly does talk like a bi-polar teenager, or a drug damaged adult. When you realize how early she began modeling, I think of all those inarticulate athletes who were drafted young with big paychecks. Usually they behave like badly raised teenagers – and then we all realize they never grew up because they left home and went pro so young.

    Even with all these rationalizations, it’s still obvious that she is a disturbed woman. The most telling thing to me was the way her children acted so shell-shocked in the early episode when they were first introduced. It reminded me of the way children of acoholics keep their eye on mom because they don’t know when she’ll blow.

  37. Lyna says:

    Please get rid of Kelly – she is deranged and watching her totally creeps me out. I can’t believe she is a mother. It is so pathetic to see Jill cling to her, so phony. Would like to see them both go.

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