Ricardo Antonio Chavira Back as Carlos on Desperate Housewives

Ricardo Antonio Chavira
Ricardo Antonio Chavira

Let’s not forget that the men of Wisteria Lane are also back as the new season of Desperate Housewives kicked off on Sunday.

Carlos Solis, played by Ricardo Antonio Chavira and Mike (James Denton) are my faves.  And now Brian Austin Green has joined the cast?  That’s another story!

As soon as I saw Ricardo on the screen without the goatee, I thought “wow he looks ten years younger”.  He seems to have lost some weight too I think?

I’m happy to see another story-line with Carlos keeping a secret this time… he learns that the daughter he has with Gaby, played by Eva Longoria Parker, is not their biological daughter.

After all these years, Carlos learns that there was a mix-up at the hospital when Juanita was born.  Carlos is determined to keep the knowledge from Gaby for fear it would break her heart. 

What else do we know about Ricardo Antonio Chavira?

Ricardo has two children of his own, Tomas Antonio and Belen Elysabeth.

He and his wife Marcea Dietzel were together for 18 years before getting married in 2007.  What did the groom wear in the small ceremony?  Pyjamas!

Ricardo has appeared on many television series such as Six Feet Under, Monk, 24, JAG, NYPD Blue and George Lopez.