Richard Hatch: Facts About The Celebrity Apprentice Villain!


We all know and either love or hate Richard Hatch, Celebrity Apprentice’s newest villain and the first project manager of the season for the men’s team. You may remember the name ‘Richard Hatch’ because he won  a million dollars on the long-running hit TV show Survivor’s first season.  But how did Richard Hatch make it to Celebrity Apprentice?

Many of the celebrity apprentices that end up on Trump’s hit show get there because of scandals, and Richard Hatch is no exception. After winning Survivor, Hatch found himself in some hot water.  In January 2005, it was reported by the US Attorney’s Office that Hatch had failed to report the $1,010,000 he had received from the Survivor show on his federal income tax returns. He also allegedly failed to report approximately $321,000 he received for appearances on a radio show.

Hatch was charged with filing a false tax return, and other additional charges not related to his success on Survivor. Hatch was indicted on September 8, 2005, and began serving his 51 month sentence in May, 2006. He also received three years of supervised release after serving his sentence. He was released on May 14, 2009…but was re-arrested in August for granting two supposedly unauthorized interviews. This might not sound like a big deal, but prisoners under house arrest are required to get permission from the federal Bureau of Prisons before any media contact, which is why he got into more trouble.  He was finally released in October 2009 after completing his sentence.

Before appearing on Survivor and all of the hoopla that followed, Hatch worked as a corporate trainer. He’s also a licensed real estate agent, and has worked as a car salesman and a bartender. He has made several appearances on various TV shows, and is currently a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, and I have a feeling he just might win!