Richard Jenkins as 'Richard from Texas'


eat pray loveEat Pray Love opens this week and is based on the book of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. The book follows Gilberts’ year long mission of self discovery through Italy, India and Bali. During the ‘Pray’ section of the book, Gilbert meets a man we come to know as ‘Richard from Texas’. In the movie, Richard from Texas is played brilliantly by Richard Jenkins.

Jenkins is married to Sharon Rayna Friedrick with whom he has two children, Sarah Pamela and Andrew Dale, and is probably best known for playing the deceased patriarch Nathaniel Fisher in Six Feet Under.

In Eat Pray Love, Jenkins plays his character of Richard from Texas who, according to Gilbert, speaks “from a profound wellspring of real-life experience that infused his words with a radical truth.” with incredible skill. While as not to give away any of the movie for those of you who haven’t read the book, Jenkins steals almost every scene he is in with Julia Roberts. He is a bright light in a movie that has an already strong cast of characters, and I have a feeling that his name will be amongst those tossed in the ring for Oscar consideration.

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Source: Wikipedia