Bachelor's Emily Was the Fiance of Late Race Car Driver Ricky Hendrick


Esthetician what is an Esthetician the bachelor 2011The Bachelor contestant Emily,  is the ex-fiance of the late Ricky Hendrick. Hendrick is the Nascar driver who died in a plane crash on October, 24, 2004. Emily and Ricky fell in love very young, (age 15) and couple got engaged when she was 19.

Ricky Hendrick was killed in an airplane accident in 2004 and soon after the tragedy Emily found out she was pregnant with the couple’s first child. She is now raising their daughter. OMG, this woman has been through hell and back—Brad Womack better not break Emily’s heart!

Ricky Hendrick was a part owner of Hendrick Motorsports. His father Rick Hendrick, founded Hendrick Motorsports, one of the most successful companies in the industry.

Despite Emily’s tragic love story, she is ready to find love again. I hope The Bachelor’s Brad isn’t a jerk to her! Do you think Emily will find love with Brad?

If anyone deserves some good stuff coming her way, it’s Emily. But is Brad good?