Ricky Martin Happy To Have His Boys On Tour With Him, Says Its "Less Stressful"

Ricky loves being a dad

While some of us are “Livin La Vida Loca” with our kids at home (or so it sometimes seems) singing sensation Ricky Martin says he loves having his kids on tour with him.  The dotting dad says bringing his boys, sons Matteo and Valentino, on the road with him makes touring “less stressful.”

The single dad says that while parenting isn’t easy, spending time with his sons is one of the greatest joys of his life.  “I work with 115 people on the road and when I get to the venue, people are working and building the stage, and it can be stressful.”

“People can be arguing and then my kids walk by and it all stop and it’s, ‘Hi Matteo.  Hi Valentino.  How are you doing?’  You get 30 seconds of peace and love and joy even if they go back to the craziness after,” he says.

The chart topper has earlier hinted on waiting to add a girl to his clan, and says that overall fatherhood is a “beautiful thing.”  According to the singer, he had his boys via a surrogate mother in August 2008.

Ricky says:  “One day, I woke up and thought, ‘I need to become a father.’ So I sat in front of the computer, looked up parenting and came across surrogacy and it’s beautiful.”

“My children are a miracle.  They’re here because I really wanted them in my life,” the proud father added.

Ricky will next be seen hitting the Broadway stage in New York, starring in the play “Evita” in 2012.

Photo: PCN