Ricky Martin Wants a Little Girl But Not a Husband

ricky martin
Ricky Martin would like to have a daughter.

Ricky Martin certainly sounds happier than he’s ever been in his whole life. He’s in a strong relationship with his boyfriend, Carlos Gonzélez Abella, and they are the proud parents of twin boys, Matteo and Valentino.

Matteo and Valentino are growing up fast and are already 3-years old, and now Ricky is thinking about expanding his family and giving them a sibling down the road. As much as he loves his boys, Ricky has his heart set on having a little girl wrapped around his finger.

The singer told Latina magazine, “I think that I’ll do it later on this year, so that [the kids] are not too far apart in ages. A little girl! Dios mݍo, me muero … But we’re going to talk about that later on. It would be irresponsible to do it now.”

Ricky may be adding to his brood, but one thing he’s not interested in doing anytime soon is tying the knot with Carlos. He said, “We are not talking about it, we’re not thinking about it. But I’m so happy that in Europe we have the option. It’s amazing to think that we can say, ‘I feel like it. I’m ready. Let’s go.’ ”

Ricky doesn’t sound like he’s ready to have a husband, but there’s no doubt that he’s anxious to have a baby girl! Stay tuned!