Ricky Martin Wants to Have a Baby Girl via Surrogate

Ricky Martin baby girl surrogate
Ricky Martin hopes to add a baby girl to his family

Ricky Martin is looking to expand his family, planning to have another baby via surrogate to join his boys, Matteo and Valentino.

Ricky is already making baby plans to have a little girl after he finishes the play Evita, planning to spend time with his kids once the show wraps.

Martin tells UK newspaper The Guardian, “I’ll be steady in New York, and then, after I do the play [he’ll be starring in Evita], the baby [will be] born, and I’m going to be able to spend time with her.”

Ricky seems intent on having a little girl this time around, referring to “her” and talking about a baby girl.

Ricky Martin has no marriage plans with boyfriend Carlos (he calls “an amazing human being”), but says he hopes marriage is an option one day: “Not yet. Whenever it’s time. I would love the option to marry in my land, my island [Puerto Rico], but unfortunately it’s not an option for us yet, which I think is ridiculous. But it’s part of a very beautiful process that’s happening around the world little by little. Hopefully I will see it, and my kids will see it.”

Best of luck!