Ricky Shroder and Family Experience International Living


Can you believe Ricky Shroder of Silver Spoons and NYPD Blue fame turned 40 today? The still boyishly handsome actor has four children with wife Andrea, and has taken his entourage abroad to experience living in a foreign culture. Although really this fabulous idea was his wife’s. So where did they move and why?

The family of six are renting a place in Barcelona, Spain.

“Our oldest son is going to college in the fall,” Schroder told PEOPLE. “Andrea had this dream of living abroad for a year and giving the family an international perspective. My first knee-jerk reaction was, ‘I can’t do that.’ Then I went to see the movie Up with my daughter Faith.”

“In the movie, the man finally made time for his wife to take a trip to their dream destination and it was too late. I felt like the movie was speaking to me. I thought ‘I can’t let my wife not have this dream.’ ”

So did they celebrate the big 4-0 with traditional Spanish fare? Nope. They opted for a pizza party.


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