Rihanna In Talks To Play Whitney Houston On The Big Screen

Can Rihanna pull off a good Whitney Houston on the big screen?

It looks like chart topper Rihanna might be portraying fallen singer Whitney Houston on the big screen, according to reports. The Barbadian beauty is currently in talks to star in a biopic chronicling the late singer’s life.

Reports say Whitney’s mentor Clive Davis will helm the project that will portray Whitney’s beginnings as a sassy but good-girl-gone-wild from New Jersey to her stardom and down to her uncontrollable downward spiral that ultimately led to her untimely death.

Actresses Jennifer Hudson, Vivica Fox, and Jordin Sparks are also on the short list to play Whitney with former chart topper and close friend Brandy also campaigning hard to snag the coveted role.

While Rihanna might be a reasonable choice, if we could all get passed her accent, quite honestly the only actress who could really pull this off in my opinion is Jennifer Hudson. I mean, she’s the one with the Oscar here and the role would really help pick her career back up where she dropped it two years ago to do C-list things like be a spokesperson for Weight Watches.

My vote here goes to Jennifer she’s the only person who could really play Whitney without make the movie look like a flop. What do you think?


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