Rihanna's Only Girl in the World Video Shows Miley Cyrus How It's Done (Video)


rihanna only girl in the world videoWhat is it about Rihanna dancing around in her undies that makes you want to say ‘you go girl’ while when we see Miley Cyrus doing the same thing that we want to tell her to cover up?

Rihanna debuted her new video for Only Girl in the World yesterday amid kudos for the artistic qualities and female empowerment aspects of the video.  Miley Cyrus released her video for Who Owns My Heart last week to outrage from parents groups and negative press of the image she was setting for young girls. 

What’s the difference between Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World and Miley Cyrus’ Who Owns My Heart videos?

Basically it comes down to female empowerment.  Miley’s video is all about dancing around in limited clothing for the audience while Rihanna’s video is about embracing your own power and showing it off for the world.  Of course, it helps that Rihanna is actually of legal age (she’s 22) while Miley is still a minor at 17. 

We realize that Miley is trying to find her footing as a young woman and put her Hannah Montana persona behind her, but she can certainly take a lesson from Rihanna on how it’s done!

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