Rihanna To Perform At Grammys Despite Having Bronchitis, Laryngitis


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Rihanna Will Perform Despite Being Sick.

Rihanna sure is a trooper. Despite having to fight off bronchitis and laryngitis, the pop star and Grammy-nominee is making it to her scheduled performance at tonight’s Grammy Awards.

On Thursday night, she tweeted to a fan: “Bronchitis and laryngitis boo! I’m still goin to rehearsals tho! Sunday is everything.”

Seeing as though it’s been a few days since that tweet, we wonder what’s the latest from the singer herself? Saturday night, she tweeted to Ryan Seacrest, “I’m on every med under the sun! Don’t wanna miss a thang!!!”

Looks like all systems are a go! I am beyond excited for tonight’s Grammy awards. How about you? Which performance are you most looking forward to?