Rip Torn's Daughter Talks About Dad's Addiction


angelica-torn-rip-tornAcademy Award winner Rip Torn was ordered to rehab after he broke into a bank while he was drunk, allegedly convinced it was his own home he was breaking into.  Rip’s daughter, actress Angelica Torn, is now speaking out about the heartbreak caused by her father’s battle with alcohol abuse.

“My father is a brilliant man, but so much has been wasted,” Angelica says. “He’s pissed away so much — so much of his time and so much of his talent.”

Torn has battled with the consequences of his alcoholism for years. He’s been arrested three times for drunken driving and, it’s believed, he had to stop acting on stage because the alcohol affected his ability to memorize lines.

While his recent arrest is no doubt painful for his friends and family, his daughter is hopeful that it will be the push he needs to make a change. “It’s heartbreaking,” Angelica says. “But maybe now he’s finally going to have to face the truth about himself and his drinking.”

The actress spoke to her father when he was on his way to rehab last week and seemed relieved to speak with a more sober version of her dad. “It almost seemed like my dad was finally back,” she said. “I told him to have fun, and he laughed and said he’d try.”

Rip’s own father was known to be an abusive alcoholic. Hopefully, with help, the family will finally be able to stop the cycle of addiction.


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