Ripped From the Headlines: Law & Order Tackles Jon & Kate and Nadya Suleman


104285_sam-waterson-of-law-and-order-jon-and-kate-and-octomom-nadya-suleman-insetThe TV show Law & Order they love to ‘rip from the headlines’.  Next Friday the primetime crime show will tackle the multiple lovin’ tabloid phenomenon with fictional storylines inspired by the broods of Jon and Kate Gosselin and Nadya Suleman.

In a nutshell the show will be about, “Two families with multiple kids [compete] to land a reality TV contract,” the executive producer told Access. “Out of that, a murder occurs and then, as the episode goes on, suddenly our lawyers get roped into the reality TV show.”

Jon, Kate and Nadya won’t have much luck calling their lawyers on this since the episode isn’t “patterning either family on them, it’s sort of inspired by the phenomenon — shows about multiples,”

This also happened to be a great opportunity for child actors, since they had almost twenty kids cast in the roles of the offspring of the reality TV hungry parents.

Will you tune in? Or have you already had multiple overload?