Robbie Williams Is Really Thinking Pink (Photos)

Robbie Williams

It’s not that often that you get to see a man dressed up in a pink suit. My first British love (sorry David Beckham), Robbie Williams did just that as he was spotted filming his latest music video in East London on Saturday afternoon.

I’m thinking that maybe Robbie was just thinking pink as he is expecting a baby girl very soon, with his wife Ayda Field who was also spotted visiting her husband on the set.

Something tells me that Robbie is going to be one fun dad. Check out our photo gallery and let us know what you think.

  • Robbie Williams 1 of 5
    Robbie Williams
    British pop singer Robbie Williams and actress Kaya Scodelario film more scenes for his new music video in East London.
  • Thinking Pink 2 of 5
    Thinking Pink
    You gotta love a man in pink!
  • Dashing Dad-To-Be 3 of 5
    Dashing Dad-To-Be
    He is looking rather dashing, right?
  • For His Daughter? 4 of 5
    For His Daughter?
    Or maybe he was just thinking pink since he is expecting a daughter very, very soon!
  • Tell Us Your Thoughts 5 of 5
    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    Are you a Robbie Williams fan?

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