Robbie Williams Is Scared To Be A Father


robbie_williams-sitting-contemplating-fatherhoodRobbie Williams is afraid to be a dad. He’s not afraid of making the babies, he’s afraid he’d be a bad dad.

He and his lady love, Ayda Field, are discussing starting a family, but he is struggling without he thought, because he’s so selfish.

“I’m just figuring out how you do it, how you go about the big change in your life. “ Aren’t we all?

Robbie says, “I’ve got the missus now and we’re thinking of doing all of that and I’m just scared I won’t be the best dad that I can be. Just because I’m really selfish and I’ve been knocking about by myself for a long time. I’m 35 and I’ve done whatever I like, whenever I like, how I like.  I just hope there is that switch that turns on and I’ll go, ‘Yes, you are mine, I love you and we’re going to do this together forever.'”

I think if he takes it one day at a time and puts the kids first he should be alright. That’s what the rest of us do with our selfish tendencies isn’t it?

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