Robbie Williams Performs On Hollands "The Voice"

Robbie Williams

Talk about one busy celebrity dad! British chart topper Robbie Williams took the stage to perform during Holland’s version of “The Voice” on Friday evening and boy, did he knock the socks off of everyone in the crowd!

The new celebrity dad belted out a few of his old hits including his new radio tune, “Candy” (which I absolutely love!). It’s such a great pop song too bad it doesn’t get the airplay it deserves Stateside.

Take a look at our photo gallery below and let us know what you think.

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    Robbie Williams
    Singer Robbie Williams joins performers on stage at the Dutch "Voice Of Holland" reality competition.
  • Tell Us Your Thoughts 2 of 4
    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    Are you a fan of Robbie's music? I sure am!
  • Singin’ It 3 of 4
    Singin' It
    It looks like Robbie's knocking everyone's socks off on stage.
  • The Best 4 of 4
    The Best
    No matter what anyone says, he' still my favorite British solo artist.

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