Robbie Williams "Terrified" Of Fatherhood

Robbie Williams

According to popstar and former boy bander Robbie Williams, if there’s one thing he’s terrified of, it’s fatherhood. The future daddy says that while he is overjoyed about impending fatherhood, he’s also feeling pretty frightened about it, too.

Here’s what my crush from the year 2003 told the UK Media this week:

“I have been genuinely overjoyed and terrified and then going back between the two on a daily basis and today I’m overjoyed and I can’t wait. I know the sex of the baby and I’m very, very excited. I can’t tell you, the Mrs is like ‘Don’t go telling’ and I said I won’t.”

Then, according to The Press Association, he added, “It’s a girl. I’m very, very excited about becoming a daddy, I can’t wait.”

There is no doubt that Robbie is going to be a fantastic father!