Robert De Niro: Lifetime Achievement Award See His Best Films

robert deniro
Robert De Niro earns Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert DeNiro was given the Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday night on the Golden Globe Awards. 

Matt Damon presented the award and joked that he hadn’t even heard of him until he and Robert De Niro were in 2006’s “The Good Shephard” together. At least, I took it as a joke. It fell a little flat, so maybe Matt Damon was being serious? Nah, he wouldn’t actually admit that he didn’t know who De Niro was, would he?

After all, Robert De Niro is a star! Take a look at some of his best films:

*The Godfather Part II
*Taxi Driver
*Raging Bull
*The Untouchables
*Cape Fear
*Meet the Parents

He was even in “A Shark Tale” as the voice of Don Lino. This list isn’t anywhere near complete and Robert De Niro has four movies scheduled for release in 2011.

What is your favorite Robert De Niro movie?