Robert Downey Jr & His Man Bag (Photos)

Robert Downey Jr & His Man Bag

Call it a European carry-all, a man-bag or a boy purse, one thing for sure not every male can pull off carrying one. But Robert Downey Jr., he can carry anything he damn wants. On Memorial Day the legendary actor was spotted at a party in Malibu dressed very casually with in a T-shirt, hoodie, cotton pants and high top sneakers. But the item that made the outfit stand out, his man-bag. And that just makes our mind whirl with imagining what is inside. Lip balm, his wallet, cough drops, a deck of cards, or maybe an Iron Man action figure. Yes, your guess is as good as mine.

Check out more photos of Robert Downey Dr. and his man bag right here:

  • Robert Downey Jr 1 of 5
    Robert Downey Jr
    Robert Downey Jr spending time with friends outside of a Memorial Day beach party in Malibu.
  • The Bag 2 of 5
    The Bag
    One thing that we can see that is in his bag is a bottle of water, our only clue.
  • There’s multiple ways to wear it! 3 of 5
    There's multiple ways to wear it!
    Robert Downey Jr. had his bag in his hands rather than wearing it.
  • Susan Downey 4 of 5
    Susan Downey
    Robert Downey Jr's wife Susan Downey was by his side.
  • A Smile 5 of 5
    A Smile
    Robert Downey Jr had a smile for the cameras. What a gent.