WATCH: Robert Pattinson Adorable Interview with Jay Leno: Watch Video of Interview


Robert Pattinson Jay LenoRobert Pattinson was adorable Friday night on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Watch the video online of the interview here!

Robert Pattinson visited with Jay Leno Friday night on to begin the first part of the press tour for Water for Elephants.

We’ve got the video below and it’s a MUST SEE because RPatz is totally charming. 

But a few highlights of Rob’s I-view with Leno include:

Rob vs the Alligator on Vanity Fair cover photo shoot

“A shoot like that takes about 30 seconds, that’s how long you’ve got when you’re holding a live alligator.”

Robert Pattinson is Addicted…to Beef Jerky

RPatz is a total beef jerky addict and spilled that that’s all he lived on while shooting Water for Elephants. Jay Leno gave the British hunk a bag of his favorite beef jerky, which made Rob very happy.  But Pattinson joked:
“Wow, that’s a big bag! This will last me, gosh I don’t know, probably about 15 minutes!”

You can go to MTV to see Robert Pattinson’s 30 minute live interview with MTV’s Joshua Horowitz from Friday Night. On the MTV interview, Rob answered fan questions and told a funny story about Tai the elephant farting on Reese Witherspoon.

Friday night was a total Rob-fest!  Watch the new trailer for Water for Elephants!

Photo: NBC/The Tonight Show with Jay Leno